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Ethiraj College for Women is committed to providing a fair and transparent assessment and
evaluation process ensuring the strictest confidentiality throughout the process. The methods of
assessment and evaluation are detailed in the respective syllabus of each programme of study.
Students are required to observe the following code of conduct while taking up the End
Semester Examinations in the college:

  1. Students should check the examination dates and timings mentioned in the Hall
    Ticket with the Time Table published on the website or displayed on the Notice Board of
    the college.
  2. The Timetable is subject to change in case of any emergencies such as extreme
    weather conditions or exigency such as orders received from the government or other
    regulatory bodies. Changes in timetable will be posted on the college website and
    displayed on notice boards and it is the duty of the student to check the same
    periodically for any updates.
  3. Students should download and print Hall Tickets from their student profiles before the
    commencement of the examination each semester. They must check the Hall Ticket for
    accuracy regarding the dates and sessions and also other details such as register
    number and photo.
  4. Hall Tickets must be produced on demand along with the valid ID card issued by the
    College at every session of the examination. ID Cards and Hall Tickets are compulsory
    and no student will be permitted to take up the exam without both.
  5. Passed out students writing arrears must bring any government approved valid
    identification document such as Aadhar, PAN Card, Driving Licence along with their Hall
  6. Candidates lacking in attendance for any paper and who have been withheld are
    forbidden from attending the respective examination session/s.
  7. Candidates must adhere to the session timings of the examination. Late-coming is not
    permitted and no extra time will be given for time lost in entering. They must cooperate
    with the invigilating faculty and follow all the instructions given in the Hall.
  8. No candidates will be permitted to enter the Examination Hall after 30 minutes of
    commencement of the exams. Once they enter, candidates will also not be permitted to
    leave the examination hall for the said 30 minutes.
  9. Candidates are strictly warned against indulging in any form of malpractice or unfair
    means or academic misconduct during the examinations. Use of unfair means or
    malpractice will lead to implementation of strict disciplinary action against the
  10. Such academic misconduct/malpractice/unfair means is defined but not limited to the
    ● Writing hints or markings on the question paper;
    ● Talking or gesturing to other candidates in the Examination Hall;
    ● Sharing answer books or stationery with one other inside the Examination
    ● Bringing or attempting to bring inside the Examination Hall any written or
    printed material;
    ● Bringing or attempting to bring any mobile phone, smart watches,
    micro-audio, Bluetooth or electronic devices of any kind on oneself or into
    the Examination Hall.
    ● Removing any material such as unused or used answer books from the
    examination hall.
    ● Any other form of examination malpractice
  11. Disciplinary action will include the disqualification of the candidate from the exam in
    question and imposition of a fine. Parents of the candidate will be informed of the
    academic misconduct and will have to collect the candidate if found guilty.
    In cases of subsequent malpractice during the course of study, the candidate may face
    stricter penalties which include being debarred from further examinations during the
    semester/all semesters or expulsion from the college.
  12. Candidates will be provided answer booklets for writing their answers. No additional
    sheets will be provided.
  13. Candidates must clearly and legibly write the Register Number, Paper Code and Title
    with date on both front cover/marking sheets of the Answer Booklets.
  14. Candidates are advised that they must ensure that they have been issued/have received
    the correct question paper for which they have registered themselves. In case of any
    doubt they must alert the invigilating faculty.
  15. They must bring their own stationery such as pencils and pens which may be carried in
    a clear pencil case or clear cover. They must bring their own calculators. Scientific
    calculators are not permitted and sharing of calculators is also not permitted
  16. Candidates are not permitted to bring in Log tables/mathematical/statistical tables. Such
    tables will be provided when approved by the department. Such tables must be returned
    to the invigilator after use.
  17. Candidates are permitted to bring one transparent bottle of water to drink during the
  18. Candidates cannot leave the hall to return and write the exam. In case of emergencies
    where they require to visit the restroom they must be accompanied by a faculty member
    to escort them.
  19. At the end of the examination the students may leave the Hall only when they hand over
    the answer script and it has been verified by the Hall Superintendent. They must write
    the total number of pages and secure the answer booklet with the tags provided for the
    purpose. They should not remove any material from the Hall such as unused answer
    scripts or other property that does not belong to them.
  20. Candidates are advised not to bring any valuables to the exam. The college cannot be
    held liable for any property lost during examinations including mobile phones and