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Introduction The college has an established system for maintenance and optimum utilization of the physical, academic and support facilities like classrooms, laboratory, computers, library and sports complex.

Purpose of the Policy The policy aims at the following:

1. To achieve optimum utilization of the facilities and services based on the needs.

2. To ensure uninterrupted and smooth functioning of all support services.

3. To upgrade, replenish, repair and replace resources and services periodically.

4. To prevent misuse and wastage of resources and services.

5. To ensure safe usage of the facilities. Highlights

● The academic programme of the College is from June to March. During the summer vacation, April and May, maintenance work which includes civil, electrical, plumbing, painting works etc. is carried out in the hostels and College buildings.

● The Heads of Department and other in-charges forward the maintenance work to be done to the Project Management Consultant (PMC).

● The computer systems are maintained by a team of Instrumentation Maintenance Assistants and a Systems’ Administrator. All computers, printers and computer peripherals are maintained under Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).

● Anti-virus and anti-malware software are installed and updated at specific intervals. All systems are connected with UPS, providing uninterrupted power supply to avoid hardware and software problems.

● The Lifts and Biometric attendance machines are maintained under Annual Maintenance Contracts.

● Furniture and Fittings are maintained through carpenters who are engaged on a contract basis.

● A stock register is maintained in every department and updated periodically. Details of all the items purchased under various schemes are recorded in the stock register regularly.

● Sports and games materials are purchased periodically according to the strength of the students. Coaching camps are conducted for the students during the zonal or intercollegiate sports meet.

● The campus has a Botanical Garden in the Science Block. The campus also has small gardens. They are maintained by the gardener.

● The house maintenance team carries out a lock down of the building at the end of every day and ensures all electrical and electronic equipment not in use are turned off.

● All the washrooms are maintained by a team of house-keeping staff from an outsourced agency.

● The day-to-day maintenance of the College is managed by the PMC, supervisors, housekeeping staff, gardener, electrician and plumber.

Procedure for Maintenance and Utilization of Facilities

(a) Classroom



Classrooms are allotted as per the student strength.

Every class is allocated with a class teacher who supervises the maintenance of the classroom infrastructure.

Lectures are scheduled in consultation with the Head of the Institution and Timetable Committee.

In addition to the regular academic activities classrooms are also used for ● Conducting Certificate Courses

● Carrying out remedial classes

● Organizing training sessions workshops for staff and students

● Conducting semester examinations

● Organizing competitive examinations.


Any repair or damage identified is informed by the class teacher to the head of the department, who forwards the request to the PMC. Cleanliness of classrooms is maintained with the help of the full-time support staff.

(b) Laboratories



Laboratories are allocated based on course requirements.

Each department frames lab timetable for each semester, for each year of the course.

Staff members are responsible for the efficient utilization of lab facilities.

Lab assistants assist the staff members during lab sessions.

Standard operational procedures for handling chemicals, equipment and instruments are strictly followed.

Purchase requisitions are forwarded for approval by the lab in charges through the Head of the Department to the Head of the Institution.

Stock register is maintained and updated regularly.

Stock verification and inspection are checked by the Heads of Departments, Vice Principals and Head of the Institution at the end of the academic year.

Equipment and instruments are annually serviced.

Expired chemicals, old equipment and other objects are discarded following standard procedure.

(c) Computers and ICT-enabled Facilities



College has Language Labs, Business Studies Lab and Mathematics Lab apart from the separate computer labs for the departments of Computer Science, BCA and MCA.

Computer lab hours are allocated based on course requirement and timetable.

Lab Timetables are drawn to ensure optimum utilization of the facility.

Projectors, Speakers, Mic and Cables are provided in the computer labs for enhancing the effectiveness of lecture.

Every department is allotted with adequate desktops, laptops, printers, speakers, mic and projectors to be utilized for academic and administrative purposes.

A System Admin and support staff oversee the maintenance of computers and other ICT-enabled facilities.

Purchase requisitions for computers, laptops and other devices are forwarded by the Heads of the Departments to the Principal through the Vice-Principal.

Regular maintenance of computers and other ICT-enabled facilities are done through AMC, which is renewed periodically.

In order to minimize e-waste, devices are serviced, repaired and reused.

Non-repairable machines and other e-wastes are identified and disposed in accordance with the standard disposal policy.

(d) Library



The College has well-equipped library with a huge collection of books, journals, periodicals and magazines.

Librarians oversee the smooth functioning of library ably supported by library assistants.

A separate library is there for the Departments of MBA and MCA.

Online journals are available through sources like Inflibnet N-List, EBSCO’s Academic Search Premier and Business Source Elite.

The Library is open on all working days from 7.30 am to 5.00 pm.

Library is fully-automated with web-based software.

Students access the library only with the College ID.

Students can borrow books and hold them for 7 days and are entitled for 2 renewals.

The borrowed book can be renewed twice for similar period if no demand is found for the book.

The library has separate sections as books, Journal section, Reference Hall and Reading Hall.

Personal study space is provided with desktops for easy access to e-resources.

An area inside the library has been outsourced to have Photostat facilities.

Book-bank facility is available within the departments where the students can borrow books at the beginning of the semester and return without fail at the end of the semester.

Library Committee works closely with the librarian to ensure smooth run of the library. New journals and books are purchased every year for both General Library and Department libraries.

An amount of Rs.8000 and Rs.10000 is allocated every year to the under graduate and post graduate courses for the purchase of books.

On purchase of new books the departments have to get accession for the books from the library.

Purchase of new books and subscription to journals and magazines are undertaken on recommendations from departments and library committee.

RFID gate facilities are enabled to prevent book theft.

Late return entails a fine of Re. 1/- a day. Sundays and other holidays are excluded from fine.

Lost books will have to be replaced.

The physical verification of stock in the library is undertaken to identify any loss, misplacement and mutilation of library collections.

Library stocks are cross departments annually.

checked by the

Maintenance also includes regular shelving, dusting, binding and preservation of collection.

(e) Sports



The sports activities of the College are monitored by two Physical Directress appointed in the Aided and Self-Supporting stream.

A sports room with computer facility has been provided in Campus II.

There are provisions in the college for the practice of various sports by the students. Expert training is provided in various sports events such as Tennis, Ball Badminton, Basketball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Throw ball, Volley ball and Cricket.

Gymnastics, Yoga, Aerobics, Karate and Silambam also form an integral part of Physical Education.

Athletes, Handball, Volleyball, Hockey, Football are given the opportunity to attend practice sessions in nearby SDAT Ground, Mayor Radhakrishnan Stadium and University Union Grounds.

The College has facilities for indoor games like table tennis, carom and chess and every year organises tournaments for the same.

ESPO, inter-collegiate sports competition organised by the college invites participation from various city colleges.

The college also promotes participation of students in intra and inter-institutional and university sports competitions at University, Zonal, State, National and International levels. Annual Sports Meet organised every year witnesses the participation of students in large numbers. March-past competition is also held during the Annual Sports Meet.

The Physical Education department has developed a Gym, funded by UGC, for the use of students.

All sports equipments are stored in the sports room.

Proper record of all available sports facilities and equipments are maintained by the sports department.

Requisitions are made by the sports department for purchase of new equipments.

The sports department undertakes regular replacement and repairing of damaged equipments.

Regular weeding and leveling of ground is undertaken.

Non-teaching staff assist in the periodic cleaning and maintenance of sports facilities and equipments.

Private Sports Physiotherapist is made available for the physical well-being of the players.

Counseling sessions are arranged to players by expert psychologists and psychiatrists. Workshops are organised to create awareness on sportsmanship, fitness and nutrition.



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